Mika's Table

Hi I’m Mika, and I like to cook.  Getting used to dental school can be overwhelming, but It’s important to practice self care by setting aside time for yourself. Some of my classmates like to go to the gym, do yoga, and play intramural sports.  My way of relieving stress amidst the chaos of dental school is through cooking. I don’t shop at fancy grocery stores or cook with a lot of ingredients; it just feels good to unwind with a nice meal after a long and stressful day.

Cooking is relaxing because you get to come home, turn on your favorite music, and appreciate some “me” time.  It’s a refreshing change from being in school mode. You are so caught up in achieving the right flavors, texture, and temperature of what you’re making that you forget about the quiz you bombed earlier that day or forget how nervous you are for tomorrow’s practical.  

Cooking is also a creative practice where you can visualize the end result and make up your own method of achieving it. In a sense, this is similar to dentistry because you envision the end goal of your patient’s treatment plan and think of the different options that’ll get you there. Either way, you carry out each step at your own rhythm, use the tools you’re most comfortable with, and do what you love!



Meet the author: Mika Matsumoto

Mika is a D2 from Honolulu Hawaii. She’s one of the fastest workers and always helps her classmates!