Indulging My Nerdier Side

I have no doubt in the mind that I have always been the biggest “geek” of my friends.  Luckily these days being geeky is pretty mainstream.  Regardless, I definitely expect a less-than-positive reaction when I share one of my fun (fun for me, not so much for the financial analysts in my life) facts.  It’s usually a glazed look from the more polite of the group, and a groan or an eye roll from my more direct friends.

Dental school brought tons of changes.  A few negatives, like spending 12 hours a day on campus or only experiencing the recent summer weather through the windows in D1, but many more positives.  One positive I had not expected was that I suddenly had over 60 people in my life who were just as nerdy and passionate as I was.  This applied to real-life applications of a biochemistry course I was taking and to interesting bits of trivia I picked up from NASA’s website, a podcast, or reddit.  For almost every podcast I listened to, there was either someone to talk about it with or someone to recommend one just like it.  It was the first time I was able to really indulge the part of myself that loved to learn even when I didn’t have to. 

I may still be one of the only people I know who spends free time reading random space facts, and I may still get a few eye rolls depending on which fun fact I share (they’re not all winners).  But the majority of the time, having friends who get equally as excited as I do about those facts or who will even throw another bit of information back at me in response is something I feel incredibly lucky to have. 

Meet the Author: Sophie Cohanim

Sophie is a 2nd year dental student and the ASDA Wellness Coordinator. She loves dogs and is a craniofacial dental researcher! Her next research project is this summer as a Summer Research Fellow.