Featured Research Project Experience

As a second year, I had the chance to participate in research for the very first time as part of SURF. Sure, it wasn’t easy and the days spent in lab with extracted teeth were not the same as those spent in the sun in the middle of summer, but I wanted to take my last chance at being a researcher before a lifetime of the provider role. In doing research in the field of operative dentistry, specifically cariology, I was able to understand the backdrop of dentistry— the fundamentals behind what we learned in op1. I learned the hard way why outline form matters and why sharp angles are not ideal, and I don’t think I’ll forget those any time soon. I learned that research is unpredictable but rewarding, and requires a TON of hard work but offers some super cool perks like going to the IADR meeting in Vancouver and meeting dentists, researchers, students and other tooth lovers from around the world.

About the Author: Nousha Panahpour Eslami

Nousha is a 3rd year dental student. She did her Summer Research Fellowship project with Dr. Sadr studying Silver Diamine Fluoride. A fun fact about Nousha is that she LOVES balloons. Here she is with all her balloons after accepting her award for her research project!

nousha balloonsm.jpg