District 10 Conference!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the ASDA District 10 Leadership Conference hosted by Pacific Dental Services and it was a blast! Dental students from ASDOH, Midwestern, Roseman, OHSU, UNLV, Utah, and UW gathered in Bellevue for a packed day of Dental Business Boot Camp. We kicked off the conference the topic of "Managing Student Debt" with Dr. Adam Burr. The majority of us take out loans to help pay for school, but a lot of us keep the debt management aspect on the back burner. Dr. Burr shared his personal experience of how he was able to pay off his student loans in 6 years and offered insightful advice about the different strategies to tackle debt. Dr. Burr also presented on the topics of "Technology Integration in the Modern Dental Practice" and "Trends in Dentistry," both of which included relevant information to us dental students. Other speakers included Kim Brozovich who spoke on "Profitable Insurance Partnerships" and "Marketing, Branding, and Advertising" and Dr. Linda Edgar introduced herself and her role as our trustee to the ADA. 

One of my favorite parts of the conference was the breakout exercises. Right after Kim Brozovich's presentation on "Marketing, Branding, and Advertising" each table of students was provided a case study and we worked together to come up with our own business model, marketing strategies, and goals. It was really fun hearing everyone's ideas and the different branding techniques they came up with. 

The best part about these conferences is making new friends and reconnecting with old ones from all the different schools in our district and hearing about their experiences at school and in clinic. Overall, I had a great time at this leadership conference and would highly recommend ASDA members to attend this yearly meeting!

About the Author: Laura Vong

Laura is a 3rd year dental student and national ASDA’s Video Production Manager! She also has a lovely vlog about her experience as a dental student here. Thanks Laura!