Our goal is to protect and advance the rights, interests, and welfare of dental students here at the University of Washington School of Dentistry. By advocating for ourselves and our profession, we hope to introduce our members to a lifelong involvement in organized dentistry.



Whether we’re hosting Dive into Dentistry Day, mentoring our undergraduate peers, or educating them on important dental topics, we strive to help our pre-dental students achieve their dream attending their top dental school.


Professional Development

Participation in organized dentistry is principally a team effort. We empower our peers by offering opportunities in leadership, personal development, and professional growth. With these tools, our membership develops into strong professionals in the field of dentistry.


Community Service

Outreach is one of the best ways we can connect to the members of our community, hone our skills as healthcare practitioners, and ultimately give back to those who need our help the most. Our goal is to support the current outreach groups at UW and to mobilize the student body to get active in service!



We put on lunch n’ learns, bring in vendors for our annual vendor fair, and participate in other fundraising opportunities to give the University of Washington dental students a chance to become more educated in the field of dentistry as well as make invaluable connections with others in the dental field



With the stress that dental school brings upon its students, it is easy to forget about the wellness of our minds and bodies. We believe the well-beings of our students are as equally as important as our educational career. Our goal is to regularly remind our student body by putting on events that can calm, rejuvenate, and exercise the mind and body!


Social Media

With Faculty Fridays & Member of the Months, our goal is to keep our dental students connected with each other and our faculty through our Facebook and Instagram accounts.